Sunday, 10 November 2013

Painting day

Went on my painting day yesterday and Jack (the teacher) said we were doing transcripts...No idea what he meant...we had to pick a postcard randomly from a selection which we couldn't see. Then copy the picture using a large stick of graphite.
This was my first attempt, I think the painting was called 'In search of shelter' although I can't remember the artist.
I then did some backgrounds for my Metis competition as I want to be able to do the elevations by hand instead of completely all on computer. This is going to be my base I think, water colour blocks of colour, I will see how it works in photoshop.
Lastly I had a few minutes and really wanted to show a bit more for the mini exhibition we do at the end of the day, so I found another postcard and copied it on A3 with stick and ink. I did this in 2 minutes. It is obvious who painted the original so I won't insult intelligence, but my version was praised at the pin up. :)

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