Saturday, 28 December 2013

What I have been doing since my last blog...



Although nothing uploaded on here, I have been working on my projects, albeit slow progress as I am not a whizz with the computer and my sketching skills need much more practice, I am hoping that I can achieve something to be proud of.
Sketch book ideas for naming my site....
and the content, what should be present in the park? After a lot of document reading about The London Plan, green infrastructure, green urban spaces, Bankside Open Spaces Trust, London Green Grid , GreenBay Urban tree canopy and more, I have come to the conclusion: 
Definitely trees..lots of trees.... to go hand in hand with the Bankside 'Urban Forest' project and the 'RE-LEAF' plan for London. Green walls, green roof, community gardening and community space/centre, water of some kind, a place to sit, a place to eat and a space for walking and cycling through. Crossbones must have (in my mind) a memorial of some kind for the Winchester Geese. (Ladies of the night who were buried in an unconsecrated grave on the Crossbones site, and later, paupers of the area.)

My Winchester Geese!

Some drawing practice for the sequential sketching....these are not pictures of my site...

This was a thumbnail quick sketch of Crossbones site looking towards the Shard, again...not actually what I intend, just a practice.
Now I must get on with the real pics for my sites...Mint Street is proving more tricky but hey ho, same for everyone.

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