Tuesday, 14 January 2014

crit 13th Jan 2014 pre final hand in.

Pin up yesterday, amendments needed........
Plans: Key too large on plan...I think needs re-colouring too, Colour some buildings for context, why pink walls? Julia asked...because the contrast with green is intense. Canopy looks like it is plonked....may change the shape...for the better I hope...Text font and size need to change.
Sections of Mint Street:Ground line needs to be thicker and section should be whole length of A1
Sections for Crossbones:Maybe turn this section 90 degrees, I am going to re colour these and drop the backgrounds
Sketch perspectives: Pleased with these, maybe add fruiting trees, need 4 more sequences to make up a full walk through of the parks
Precedents/Mood board: Leave spaces around some pics, find out where the pictures are of....change, add maybe...still only 7 though...
Quite pleased with my feedback overall, I know what I have to do to improve, I just don't have a lot of time to do it...working tomorrow and Thursday so I only really have 3 days to do it all....arrrrgghhhh
 shame as it could be so much better....

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