Saturday, 15 March 2014

Advanced Rep

Advanced Rep has been a nice experience...although presenting is always a nervous thing...I think the nerves are good, makes you care about what you are doing....The continuous presenting this year has made me more confident at work in the classroom when I am teaching.
It is quite strange the perception you have of yourself compared with what others think...It was eye opening in Mondays AD Rep lesson where, randomly picked, was the video of my presentation the previous week. I was very pleased with my performance, even if I fiddled with my ring a couple of times!!
The logo is a combination of my initials, (ether BS or RS depending on what you call me) and a graphic sunflower that was used many moons ago as the logo for previous business of mine.
The grasses in the back ground look slightly 3d and the flowers are Sanguisorba officinalis
 Front of business card
 Back of business card
 (Shelly thought I should take my teaching qual off there but I want to keep it on)
Letter headed paper

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