Saturday, 15 March 2014

Ready to improve?

I haven't found a real style for rendering yet so I am disappointed in my work...Although I managed to complete all the work for the crit on Monday 10.3.14 the quality was poor in my opinion. Quality or complete? that was the question....I chose to complete and had a melt down in the process!!!


This is the stuff I pinned up but I really wanted to stick notes all over  it saying: (in caps)
 I KNOW I HAVEN'T RENDERED MY SEQUENTIAL SKETCHES PROPERLY oh and I annotated incorrectly..silly mistake at 11pm the night before.....
 I KNOW THE COLOURS ARE CRAP and I KNOW THE TREES ARE NOT DONE PROPERLY ON PLAN Title blocks are too heavy and the key should be on RHS...(not the Royal Horticultural Society as I thought!)lol

....I KNOW THE RENDERING IS CRAP, ..People are too big in B-B
.....Stupidly I didn't put these notes on the work so had the hideous task of presenting without saying all that...if and when I am proud of the work.....presenting will be a doddle...


  1. I think they all look beautiful and I am in awe of your talents. You are a very harsh self critic with absolutely no reason to be!

  2. Thank you Josie, that's very kind. With practice I should improve my techniques over the next few weeks for the final pin up for my degree. :)