Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Beat the mess...lol

So here is my 'work space' it's a complete mess....after the conversations we had yesterday at penultimate crit...I am not the only one who is living an a work space tip!!!

I have posted mine first...lets see the rest..

Yesterdays crit....
Problems with pond colour, looks too much like grass....colour of rendering for plants needs brightening, shadows added, bamboo needs to show, knock back the tree colour, or increase vibrancy on the rest, tables and chairs too prominent, bleed the edge of the plan, move key up, move bar scale an n point, change the benches colour and shape (look like graves!!) very apt...put the line of the curb back in, water in sections and sketches needs changing, new name for meadow...that is not a meadow, annotation needs more sophistication, make grasses bigger, boulder. do the plan rendering without trees to see how the plan balances with colour. Reduce plan to A3 and do a Winter plan...need a lighting scene, either in plan or as a sequential....phew...at least I don't have to completely re-do it!!!! 

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