Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pitt Bull and Final crit

Apparently I am a Pitt Bull, so said my 'What dog are you' test...IQ test took too long! I was disappointed to say the least until the description said "Misunderstood by the simple minded but once people get to know you they realise how loveable and fascinating you really are. It may take a second for you to warm up but you are leagues ahead when you do. You are sincere and extremely versatile."

So I am officially a Pitt Bull as that description accurately describes me and therefore is going on my CV!! lol

Back to business:
Final crit...no emotions were running wild for me thank goodness.  I had to go first...wonder if there was rhyme or reason to that? It did mean I couldn't learn from others mistakes (or triumphs) which was a bit annoying as I really wanted to show my models and fluffed that! Oh well, wasn't the final final final...as most of my folders are called!!

This was my wall:
It wasn't bad...need to jig it around, make some colour corrections and complete some sequence sketches just to really clarify my ideas...constructions drawings to do any there we have it...

Pleased with my models...changed 1:200 to show the Autumn colours so it is really bright which is the seasonal attraction to the park..

Nearly done...then I might lose this crick in my neck, eye strain and hunch back!! It's not attractive!!

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