Wednesday, 14 May 2014

oh dear... :(

Due to the fact that I am still working at the same time as doing this degree...(and everyone knows teachers do not just do the hours they are paid for but much much more)....I had an observation last Wednesday, which took up a huge amount of prep time, feedback today, again took up my time... but all I could think of was "my construction drawings are not being done...." :(
I think I have run out of time...nothing I can and a mortgage have finally come before a degree that was supposed to be part-time.....I am sad....I can't pull this out of the bag, I am so tired from going to bed at 1.30am trying to do my pond section and getting up for work...

I just don't think it is possible to do this course with a responsible part-time job, a family and burning ambition to be the best you can be.....grrrrr!  I want to be positive but I really think students need to be proficient in AutoCAD before they start the course to have a much less stressful time. It's too late for me to learn...we only have 5 days left!! lol (hysterically).

Here is the amazing fencing I want in my park, I can't draw it though...

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