Saturday, 10 May 2014

I forgot, it's still all about the comedy

Exhaustion has set in....and I return to my default setting.....

Having invited all my friends and family that I have totally ignored for the last 9 months to Hadlow Open Day on the 24th May, I thought they could have a bit of fun spotting themselves in some of my pictures.....Made me laugh and lets face it...after the last few weeks of NO sense of humour, I needed to crack a smile. I had forgotten my catch phrase: "it's all about the comedy" and replaced it with "it's all about the piece of paper"....hopefully soon I will have that paper...whatever mark it may have, obviously I have tried my best to reach that illusive mark but I suppose that is subjective. After that, the real hard work starts...using the skills we have acquired, finding work and returning to normal life with a vengeance!

I have to say, it's been an experience! I look forward to the next chapter with all my, what will be life long, 'designer friends' (I picked them up in a boutique in Greenwich don't you know'), what shall we all do next?

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