Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Into the second week of Uni and the homework is mounting up. :(

This blog will now become part of my mark so I will be posting my work for comments. I will try and reflect on the work myself, though ever critical so won't have to try too hard!

I have only turned  60 degrees so far from the summer of fun, festivals, friends and frivolities. I am still cleaning the house, cooking dinner, walking the dog, checking the children's homework and even went out Friday and Saturday night. It will all change, once again I will be trying to fit 400 degrees into a circle. I can tell it's already happening because I just turned down an invite for a shopping trip to Bluewater with 3 girlfriends next Sunday...told them "I had too much homework!"

Researching gardens of Pompeii at the moment for a PPP. It is fascinating how well the city was preserved if you've never seen it in detail before, I shall try and post my presentation for you to view.
Working on a competition entry, I have made a sketch model which needs development but following yesterdays' crit I have some ideas for improvements. I will be developing the ideas on sketch up and trying out photoshop as I know how I want the garden too look. This need translation onto paper....and better time management this week....
Sketch model for competition entry, 1st initial ideas

Teaching tomorrow and Thursday, need to complete a scheme of work up to Christmas so won't be doing and Uni work for those two days.

Uni work from last year with reflection:

I have work from last year to post as part of this process:


Client and Process



  • Too much purple
  • Planting too Basic-ran out of time to add any more plants to Sketch-up model, did not fully show what I had in mind.
  • Structure too big, chunky and not elegant enough
  • Struggled with drawing up from initial designs which awfully rendered. Need/needed help with rendering.

  • The scheme of plants were a good combination of colour, form and texture
  • Materials strategy was exactly what I had in mind for the site and client requirements 
  • Perspective views worked well, demonstrating the ambience of the garden I had envisaged

Will try and upload a couple of videos from Digital Landscapes hand-ins from last year later, Blog is telling me there are errors when up loading...will need investigate...
Must get on with the Ppp on 'Small Domestic Gardens of Ancient Rome' now.....

(notched up to 80 degrees in the last few hours, not even had 1 cup of tea!)

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