Tuesday, 8 October 2013


It is 2pm and I haven't done a thing...except read briefs (not the knickers kind). I think today I have gone in to what you might call 'brain frazzle'. I am not even sure where to start.....Garden History, Metis Competition entry CV or drawings?

Dog wants a walk...maybe that's a good idea as I have been sitting here since 11am and only started a headache...on the positive side: Yesterday was  a lovely sunny day, as is today, we walked around London to see some interesting open spaces, functional and not so functional, well designed and not so well designed. All in all, twas a good day for me as my presentation on Small Domestic Ancient Roman Gardens went well, including my outfit as (apparently) The Vestal Virgin!

These are my photo shopped pictures that I have started for the Metis Comp, lots to work on but I had fun experimenting with PS an will continue to improve techniques so that I can create an A3 design for my entry.
Plan view with planting positions

The white stick things in the middle represent a person and child in scale. I need to work on the colour combinations but as a first attempt I am very pleased with the shape of Alliums.

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