Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Layouts, layabouts...or even layer bouts

This is a simple but effective design above, evokes the emotion of  making you cry by 'getting the wrong colour...' the graphic is representative and cleverly positioned between the sentence. The text is neatly shaped at the bottom, not too much of it to bore. The logo is obvious and clear but subtle, not over powering. The deep blue back ground with the darker edges draw you eye easily to the text and the graphic which is very well lit showing it's depth.
I think this is an excellent example of design in advertising.
Below is an interesting picture with a centralised design layout, colours were vivid on the page and eye catching in the magazine. Company name is clear with no unnecessary text on the page.
Kimono Blossom
The colours and the text down the side have created a sense of the style that the company want to portray, I sense an antique, flowery style with a modern injection. 


 Simple page layout with a clear title and text aligned in a way to read easily and the colours of the pictures are picked out with the page numbers. A good contrast with the pictures and the blue surround although this does not look like a back ground to me, more like windows into the gardens show. I hope this was the effect they were trying to achieve else my critical eye hasn't started developing at all yet!


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